BCGE Synchrony Swiss Equity

ISIN: CH000401529
Bloomberg: NAV: 160.17 CHF +0.210%
Termsheet: BCGE - Cantonal Bank of Geneva
Currency: CHF
52-Week Range: 120.45 - 147.54
YTD 1M 3M 1Y 3Y* 5Y*
5.75% 2.31% 5.40% 8.79% 19.82% 9.88%
* annualised performance
Dr. Costa's Rating:

One of the rare index funds in Switzerland tracking now a fundamentally weighting index: the FTSE RAFI Switzerland that select companies based on fundamentals (book value, sales, cash flow, and dividends). The fund charges a very reasonable 0.50% Management fee making it less expensive than a similar ETF tracking the same index and offered by Invesco Powershares. Particularly attractive is the fact that clients of the BCGE (Cantonal Bank of Geneva) pay no fees to buy quotes (beside a modest 0.15% charged by the fund for expenses) which is much less than the spread and brokerage fees you will be paying in an ETF.