Carmignac Patrimoine

ISIN: FR0010135103
Bloomberg: NAV: 637.30 EUR +0.360%
Termsheet: Carmignac Gestion
Currency: EUR
Asset Class: Equity Developed Markets
Investment region: World
52-Week Range: 576.62 - 719.26
YTD 1M 3M 1Y 3Y* 5Y*
N/A 0.32% 0.92% N/A 7.06% 5.24%
* annualised performance
Dr. Costa's Rating:

This is among the only mixed funds that didn't lose any money in 2008. It can invest up to 50% in Stocks and the rest in bonds. With 20 billion under management it is one of the biggest actively managed funds in the World. The recommended invest horizon is 3 years. Useful for investors wishing to leave the allocation to a single fund. The only usual caveat: past performance....