Clariden Leu (Lux) Luxury Goods Equity Fund

ISIN: LU0348402537
Bloomberg: NAV: 276.15 EUR -0.220%
Termsheet: Clariden Leu
Management Fee: 2.00%
Currency: EUR
52-Week Range: 217.30 - 296.10
YTD 1M 3M 1Y 3Y* 5Y*
9.82% -6.74% 1.88% 17.58% 10.95% 14.35%
* annualised performance
Dr. Costa's Rating:

Company in the Luxury Goods market benefit from Growth in Emerging markets, pricing power and competitive advantage. To create a credible luxury good brand you need a century or more. The Clariden Leu Luxury Goods fund reported a solid performance and has demonstrated a high level of transparency.