Pictet Premium Brands

ISIN: LU0217139020
Bloomberg: NAV: 162.01 EUR +0.240%
Termsheet: Pictet
Currency: EUR
Asset Class: Equity Themes
Investment region: World
52-Week Range: 115.83 - 157.34
YTD 1M 3M 1Y 3Y* 5Y*
N/A 1.11% -1.15% N/A 14.59% 14.36%
* annualised performance
Dr. Costa's Rating:

Slightly different than the Clariden Leu Luxury Brands this fund by Pictet focuses on Premium Brands hence with a broader reach. The fund did benefit from the strong growth in this market and a good equities selection process undertaken by three managers.
The TER of 1.99% is not low but competitive in this market.

The transparency of the information provided and the various management commentary makes this one of the best funds with the highest rating.